Prabina Bajracharya


Prabina Bajracharya, Advocate and human rights expert with over 14 years’ experiences that encompass human rights analysis and protection, legal and policy analysis, strengthening capacities of national partners, engagement with international human rights mechanisms, transitional justice, sexual and gender based violence, project evaluation, refugee protection, legal anthropological research on gender and natural resources. Excellent analysis and writing skills. Written a number of published reports and several unpublished internal reports.  Masters in international law (human rights) from the Netherlands. 

Yagya Shahi


He is a seasoned professional with about 20 years of experience in education, journalism, communication and project management. He has worked for projects on education, human rights, peacebuilding, transitional justice and political inclusion in Nepal and in Uganda. He is trained on project cycle management, conflict analysis, journalism and education. He has been leading Devsuits since October 2012.

Roshani Adhikari


Roshani Adhikari is a communication professional with more than one and a half decades of experience in audio, audio-visual media and development communication. She is currently working as a communication expert with Nepal Peace Trust Fund through European Union technical assistance.

Sahajman Shrestha


Mr. Sahajman Shrestha is a senior journalist with more than two decades of experience in television journalism and the President of Nepal Forum of Environment Journalists (NEFEJ). A graduate in Management, he has obtained Advanced Professional Diploma in television programme production from Television Training Centre Berlin, Germany. He served as a Programme Producer for Nepal Television, Chief Executive Producer and Chief Operating Officer for Image Channel, Executive Adviser for Himalayan Television and Creative Director (A/V division) of ECS media group.

He has produced several documentaries, television commercials, public service announcements, music videos and lifestyle programmes. He is skilled in training, strategic planning, documentary production and designing and development of IEC materials. 

Victor Ochen


Victor Ochen is a self-made youth leader from Uganda. He has worked extensively with the conflict victims in northern Uganda. He is also the founder director of African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET).

Peter Paap

GEB Consultancy

Mr. Peter Paap, Netherlands has over 12 years of experience in development work in various parts of the world. He has worked as Waste Management Expert in Singapore, Social Forestry Advisor in Guinea Conakry, Capacity Building Portfolio Manager for the West- and Central African region in Senegal, and as trainer/consultant on institutional development and organisational strengthening in the Netherlands.Peter has elaborated project and programme proposals for various organisations.

Dip Magar


Dip Magar is an experienced human rights activist with specialized knowledge, skills, expertise and experiences on economic, social and cultural rights.

Dr. Bayani Ursolino Almacen


Dr. Bayanai Almacen, Ph.D. in Maritime Education from John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University, Phillippines, holds comprehesive experience in training and education, research and development. He also has a proven capacity building skills in training people, supporting government units and strengthening national and international organisations.

Dr. Riffat Sardar


Riffat Sardar, Ph.D. in political science/international relations from University of Massachusetts, USA, Masters Degree in political science from Peshawar University, Pakistan and LLB from Peshawar University, Pakistan has diverse experiences in child protection, child rights, education and programme monitoring. For last 3 years (2010-2013), she served as Child Protection Specialist with UNICEF-Uganda and prior to that she served UNICEF-Pakistan for 18 years as a specialist for child rights

Michael Breen


Michael Breen has extensive experiences in monitoring projects on indigenous people's rights. He also worked in Nepal and studied the potential of non-territorial federalism and other issues related with state restructuring.